Echoes of a Dream

Entry 01 - Dungeon, Dragon, and the Princess

It all started well I guess only a week ago. I woke to find myself in a Dungeon. I was in a new realm and took it upon myself to protect the other innocent men and women I found imprisoned with me. We were to be tortured by Goblins, Bugbears and A DRAGON! Yes that is right a dragon, an evil red one at that. I spent 4 days protecting those I could. After 4 days two strange young men and a boy, which I later found out was a Kender, appeared in the dungeon. We were all freed when some heroes came to fight the Dragon. Turns out they were not true heroes as they wished to use all of us as cannon fodder for the Dragon. Their plot was discovered by myself and the Human Bard Jadoniouse. These would be heroes tried to murder the Elven Princess in another cell, I jumped in the way of the blade while Jadoniouse ran the murderer through with his rapier.

The next several moments were a blur. The Elven Princes. Transformed into a deadly warrior. Armed with a green flamed blade and magic she helped us make short work of the assassins. After we quickly dispatched her would be executioners, she gave all of us a pendant. It is the most beautiful pendant I have seen. A green leaf inlaid with pure silver. I worked to free the other prisoners while the Kender was mumbling something about a test and ran off to find the Dragon. With this renewed strength and courage we charged into the lair of the Dragon, and witnessed the power of the Princess as she decapitated the dragon. My companions also revealed the Warriors they are. One absorbed the breath of the Dragon and turned into fire! The Kender jumped up on the Dragon and fought while riding the Dragon. The other kept us alive with his magic.

The battle was won. We saved the I expecting townsfolk above us from the Dragon. Some of wanted to leave while others wanted to loot the room. I couldn’t talk as my voice box was removed, a story for a different time, and set about guarding the room. What was found was the shield of my ancestors and the badge of my rank. At least now my new companions should know who was. As we left I learned the names of my new companions

The Great Jadoniouse, (A human bard who can shape-shift into creatures he defeats – could he be a Sumerian Changeling)
The Mighty Ping (A Kender need I say more?)
T*he Stalwart Faldor* (A Human Warrior who morphs his body into elements when he touches them – could he be a decent of the Silver People) – His accent sounds like he is from New Triton but how is that possible?



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