Echoes of a Dream

Entry 11 - Faldor strikes again! and A Morality Lesson

Once again the Companions of the Dream find themselves tested. This time we were tested from within and not from the outside. There are those moments we all have where we are tempted and only by remaining true to our faith, honor, and values will we come out of the fire a better man or woman. This day was a moment where we were tested by fire.

The morning started out with us actually being tested by fire. Not figuratively or literately but with actual fire…. and glass and acid and glue and poison and …. We entered into a room full of vials and potions and concoctions of various colors, smells, and viscosity. The The Mighty Ping rendered the purveyor and creator of these alchemic works unconscious, just before the rest of us walked into this could smelling room. Curiosity smiled upon The Stalwart Faldor like a Cheshire cat, and he smiled back just as large. Before anyone could tell him to stop he uncorked a vial and touched the strange liquid inside turning his whole body into a gray hazy liquid. Then as he removed his finger from the vial his whole body exploded into a deafening thunderous wave, creating not only the loud noise but a deathly domino effect as every other vial, potion, test tube, and glass work in this small room reverberated and exploded! Soon we found ourselves on the ground on fire, poisoned, lying in acid, and some even asleep. It was only by grace that we all didn’t end up dead right then.

We then headed to the back room which we found out was Zarr’s bedroom. Zarr was indeed a strange man. We opened the door to see the room filled with a device that allowed the full spectrum of light to be spread around the room in a slow rotating circle. There was also a rusted crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. While normally this wouldn’t be a problem instead this room almost killed a couple of my companions. The Great Jadoniouse was searching a desk when suddenly he fell face first onto the bookshelf and desk blaming his head hard on the desk and then he fell back and slammed his head on the edge of the chair and then the chair flipped over and landed on his stomach as his head slammed back on the concrete. Just as his head slammed against the chair The Stalwart Faldor was exploring Zarr bed and suddenly the bed exploded lighting Faldor on fire along with everything in the bed on fire. Just then The Mighty Ping fell from the ceiling as the Chandelier crashed to the ground. The Mighty Ping did his usual flip and landed and helped out the The Great Jadoniouse, so I rushed over to The Stalwart Faldor and made sure he was okay. With everyone awake and okay we decided to rest a bit while The Great Jadoniouse sang his usual song.

I was surprised at my companions as our time of rest was filled with conversations and reading. I read through Zarr’s journal and we learned where Rutherford might be located, and found out that Zarr had 3 hidden caches of loot around the dungeon. After that I was able to teach the very beginnings of the basic rules for DragonChess. My companions were okay but didn’t grasp the basic rules and were quickly beaten. Despite this i feel for the first time I was able to really develop some report with my companions. It was time well worth the investment and hope that Belfaaz is able to find a way to help me get my voice back and we can have more report.

The next area we went into had a talkative kobold in the room. He didn’t give us much information, but he became the tool to teach my companions a lesson on morality. See The Mighty Ping through this day had been constantly fooling those he dealt with and while giving them money would then go and steal it back, or at least most of it. The Mighty Ping tried with this kobold only to find out that the coin purse was magical and would scream when ever someone tried to steal from the bag. This was just tool cool for The Mighty Ping and he had to have the bag. He couldn’t stop dwelling on the bag. When I learned this I gave them all a stern talking to about stealing and how it was not correct. Though since it was all filtered through The Mighty Ping it was not as stern as I wrote it. Sigh. I can only hope they learned something.

The day ended with a very strange battle of Gargoyles and a black pudding. The one thing we learned, black puddings split whenever you Slice them with a sword or shoot lighting at them. So we need to remember that next time we fight.

Glad we went to the inn and spent the night there. A good nights rest is exactly what we need……………..




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