Echoes of a Dream

Entry 10 - Final Battle with Zarr

When you complete a goal or a task i always thought it would bring with it a sense of satisfaction, however today I am not so sure.

We woke up from our rest and moved on to find Zarr and the Rutherford. Before we found Zaar we came to a room where we had to battle these elementals of water. The goblins were trying to do something to them. Strengthen them or make them bigger we know not as we killed those doing this magical act along with the elementals. As the battle ended 2 goblins were left. They threw down their weapons and asked to be spared. My companions debated with the goblins on terms of surrender and information, the goblins too afraid just ran off. The Great Jadoniouse asked me to stop them. I didn’t know what to do. I can’t talk but why? They surrendered and were no threat. Even vile evil creatures that they are I must obey the tenants of war. Unarmed combatants that have surrendered and no threat are granted leave to flee the battlefield. They asked only to flee back to their homes and their children. While I do not welcome the thought of more of these evil creatures living and growing up to do battle against us, I also can not attack them. That would be wrong and unethical. This is what separates us with honor and goodness from those without honor and evil.

I can only guess what was going through my companions minds as I stood there with my head tilted and my gaze full of questions. They however, must not have my same sense of honor and before I could stop them they killed on of the fleeing goblins and stopped the other one. The goblin left was full of fear, you could see it in his eyes and how he walked. He would now do anything they asked. So he lead us to the lair of Zarr.

However before we could get there, he ran ahead screaming for help that there were attackers in the lair. Soon the room we were in filled with goblins, kobolds and hobgoblins, these all had weapons and became our priority. The Mighty Ping grabbed a couple of us and bamfed us right into the thick of the battle. They didn’t last long again The Companions of the Dream. The goblin that was screaming for help caught up only to see that somehow his friends were dead and all that was left was us. He turned and left only to see The Stalwart Faldor there as Flame and was burned down before the next words left his mouth.

SIGH. I hope my companions can learn what honor is.

We found Zarr. The most interesting thing was there was a Omni-Portal device in the room. The bugbear operating the device was quite annoying as he would teleport The Great Jadoniouse and myself all over the room. Just as we got close we would find ourselves over a pit or in a pit. Over and over again the two of us were rendered useless in the battle. The Stalwart Faldor took care of a huge magical ballots that had locked on to The Mighty Ping and was continuously shooting magical bolts at him. The Mighty Ping was moving around the battlefield in his usual tumbling and diving manner. This allowed for him and The Stalwart Faldor to bring Zarr down. With Zarr out of the picture the rest of the battle was over fast.

The interlude.
The battle ended. Zarr has been defeated but at what cost? What did it cost us to defeat this man? We saved some hostages, prisoners, and possibly stopped an army from being raised, but was the death of this man worth it? Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears are evil monsters to the core their destruction means nothing, but an Elf? How will this effect our souls as we move forward. Killing never brings me pleasure or happiness even if it is done for the greater good.

How are you supposed to feel after a big battle that everything has been building up to? Relieved? Happy? Well for us we didn’t have the time to feel or think about anything. Just as the battle ended the weird started. It started with that voice that comes and goes into my head was back, but this time it was different. This time it was like a herald announcing great achievements or nobility to a court. this time "Quest Complete. Level Up.” What quest did we complete? We haven’t found Rutherford. Was this voice referring to the quest of finding the lost adventurers? We found them all earlier? Does this realm require blood and death for a quest to be complete? I hope not, I thought I left behind those barbaric ways long ago in anther realm. Have I managed to find another realm where barbaric rules and rites exist?
What is this level up? Are we to go back up to the bar? I can’t I can’t go when Rutherford is still missing. I need to stay down here hopefully with the other Companions of the Dream until we can find Rutherford and complete our promise to The Lady Red. Level up? Was this strange realms language to let us know we were healed? Right after that voice spoke my wounds were healed, gone. It was like I had rested in a bath of med-gel for a week along with a week of rest. As I looked at the other Companions of the Dream they too were healed. Their wounds were gone no scars, no residual effects, nothing but perfection. What is this real that I have entered?

Then a female voice was heard and she said “Achievement Earned: Dungeon Delver”. More taunts? More riddles? I am tired of them all. Dungeon Delver? I have delved under more dungeons then I care to count and yet some voice is going to mock me and let me know I have entered a dungeon? Why can’t I speak? This realm thinks it can taunt me with these voices. They speak but I can’t. Can it truly be fair that I can’t talk but I can hear these random voices?

Then again she speaks and my shield lights up as an image is etched into the back. : “Achievement Earned: Guild Logo”
Then I look down and a tabard is over my armor. With a more elaborate version of this logo. What is this! I write something in my journal and then it becomes real? What is this realm!


To taunt me further my companions don’t seem to notice. They don’t see things the same way I do. They don’t notice the tabards they are now wearing. Just like in town when …. No I shouldn’t. I will not write what I saw now. When they notice the I will write, if this realm is taking things from my journal and turning it into reality I best keep what I saw for now quiet. Oh you who taunt m e don’t worry I will speak when it is time, even if I have to have The Great Jadoniouse use his magic to hold The Mighty Ping in place while he reads what I write I will have my say at the right time.

So the we are a battle one, our wounds healed, our bodies feeling like a weeks worth of rest. My companions where going through the loot the weapons and the armor that was found. Seeing what they could use and what would be useful. I am content with what I have. So I decided to inspect the control panel that was throwing The Great Jadoniouse and myself around like an Omni-gate. The controls were very similar to that which I used back on The Ranger One. How can this be this realm doesn’t have this level of technology anywhere else, but they have portal able Omni-gates? I wasn’t sure this is what it was until the familiar purple glow of an Omni-gate opening started to fill the room. At first I thought I was just lost in my own mind remembering and longing for home, until The Might Ping spoke up
“This is boring Jadoniouse you look at the rest, I am going to …….. What is that? I have never jumped in a purple hole before.”

His comment brought me back to the present and reality, just in time! As I looked up there in the Omni-Gate the vile beholder from our shared dream was starting to manifest. I knew I had to act fast or the gate would open and he would be here in this room with us. Even fully rested and healed I knew he was not someone we could defeat in this room. It was too much of an advantage for him and not enough for ourselves. Against all hope I prayed that the controls were not different than back home on The Ranger One. Last thing I needed was to open the Omni-gate faster instead of closing it. My hand hands moved fast like a dancer across the stage, I let the muscle memory of years operating these on The Ranger One take over as they operated the controls like a full symphonic ballet. The gate started to fade and then was closed.

I looked up to three star struck dumb founded faces staring at me. “What did you do?” The Great Jadoniouse asked. The Mighty Ping had a sad look on his face, I think he really wanted to jump in a purple hole. The fact that is was filled with a Beholder that would probably kill and then eat him didn’t phase The Mighty Ping, as it was something he never had done, and now to his mind something he would never get to do. The Stalwart Faldor was his ever stoic quiet self.

Shrugging I quickly wrote “no time must flee big beholder might be back.” They gathered up the loot and I set about destroying that console. Soon we were running out of the room to the north. As we ran I couldn’t help but smile. We were once again moving and hopefully going in the right direction of where we can find and save Rutherford.




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