Echoes of a Dream

Entry 09 - Cursed Dagger and Lava

There are days you will always remember, days that will be remembered by friends and those around you, and then there are days that the Bards will sing of, for ages to come. Today was one of those days. A day that will forever define the Companions of the Dream. We were tested and tried, and I hope we were found worthy.

I have heard it said “No adventurer has truly been tested in a dungeon until they have experienced a curse that turned them against each other.” Well then The Companions of the Dream have been truly tested. We entered a room where sand was falling up. I don’t mean that it looked like sand was being pulled to the ceiling, but that it actually was falling up. Then an hour later it would fall down. It was like the entire room was an hourglass. As the sand cleared there were bones of previous inhabitants littered across the floor. A dagger with a rose diamond hilt, sparkled, the light from The Stalwart Faldor flames glinted off this gem just enough that The Might Ping’s ever watchful eye spotted this treasure. With his usual recklessness The Might Ping rushed into the room with the singular focus on retrieving the dagger. He was successful only to find the rooms bones animated and attack us. Skeletons, the undead, vile creatures that are nothing but a curse against life itself, were soon felled by us. The dagger and other magical treasures of the room were ours and The Mighty Ping was all too gleeful about this weapon he could now wield.

We continued to explore the rooms and found other prisoners and were able to set them free. One was unconscious in a sack of flour. Were the goblins trying to turn a living Half-Elf into a mummy for food? However, this was not the crazy. This was going to turn out to be almost forgettable compared to what happened next.

The Mighty Ping in a battle attacked The Great Jadoniouse. We had to knock out The Might Ping to get him to stop. He was not himself. When we tried to take the dagger from him, his countenance changed and he became protective of dagger, like a starving child protecting the last scrap of bread. In an attempt to wrestle the dagger from The Mighty Pings hands The Companions of the Dream came upon the test of their valor and friendship. The Mighty Ping would not let go of the dagger. It took a command from my spells to get him to release it, only for him to quickly grab on to it before we could destroy it. Soon The Might Ping and The Great Jadoniouse were teleporting back and forth all over the dungeon in various places.

The Great Jadoniouse proved his valor and wouldn’t let go. He was a deer, an Ettin, and other forms all trying to bring the dagger to a forge The Stalwart Faldor was making hotter and hotter. The goal was to put the dagger in the forge and destroy it. Somehow the dagger KNEW our plan? A dagger that had a small amount of intelligence or animal instinct? Could this be? I guess in this realm anything is possible!

The Mighty Ping was bamfing all over the dungeon taking The Great Jadoniouse with him. I tried to help but could not keep up with The Mighty Ping’s bamfing. So I forced The Mighty Ping to a magical duel. The ancient tradition of The Knight Protector’s I had to use against one of my own! I was reluctant to do so, but knew this might be the only way in which we could save The Mighty Ping. While he was forced to attack me and be near him, The Mighty Ping proved his cunning. Soon he was bamfing around with both The Great Jadoniouse and myself. We were slowing bringing The Mighty Ping to the point of unconsciousness, however he continually would move or bamf us with him to a new location. We couldn’t kill him and so the battle was long. In the confusion soon The Mighty Ping made a mistake, but one that will be felt for a long time. The Mighty Ping bamfed himself and myself above the forge in an attempt to get me to let go. I wouldn’t let go hoping that if nothing else the shock of us in the forge and the pain would snap him to his senses long enough for The Great Jadoniouse to throw the dagger in the forge. We both landed in the forge that was now like a bath of lava. I don’t remember much other than knowing I couldn’t let go and I had to roll out. We landed and I rolled only to be awakened on the floor of this room with the smell of burnt hair, scales, and flesh filling my nostrils. I turned enough to see that The Mighty Ping was alive, though bald.

The Stalwart Faldor had created a forge that was almost has hot as Dragon breath and when the dagger was thrown into this forge, he using his races unique ability, held the dagger under the molten lava until all that was left was this perfect flawless clear Diamond. I have never seen a diamond that looked as flawless as the one The Stalwart Faldor pulled out. We made camp in the tent of The Great Jadoniouse and resting and healing. I do hope The Mighty Pings hair will grow back.



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