Echoes of a Dream

Entry 08 - Undermountain Continues

Do you ever have one of those days where you think things are gong to go well but turn out to go absolutely down the gutter and then when you think things can’t get any worse suddenly there is a bright light at the end of the day? No? Well then let me tell you about a day just like that.

We were in this room of heroes, i assume they are heroes since someone took the time to make 40 well carved statues of these men and women. Not only did they make the statues nice, they also placed traps in over 1/2 of the traps! The Might Ping was working methodically through the hall disarming each trap he came across. When he was about 1/2 way to the room we were trying to get too a loud noise echoed at the end of the hall, and suddenly the entire hall was filled with arrows and blades. As a rock smashed against the far wall i turned to see Faldor’s arm coming down from a powerful throw. Apparently he was bored and decided to set off all the traps at once! Dozens of arrows slew out of the traps filling the air like the sound of a 1000 bees, and a dozen scythes were swooshing back and forth adding to the cacophony created by the arrows.

Suddenly the door we wanted to get to opened bringing forth Kobolds, Bugbears, and a flying squid. An odd looking Kobold yelled something whist weaving a rod in a pattern and suddenly it was quiet again as all the traps just stopped all at once. Admit the clamor we couldn’t make out what he said, but we did hear a Bugbear yell something as they charged at us. I can’t really say what happened to the others as soon a magical black darkness was spread over the battlefield and this large flying squid was trying to attach itself to my face. IT had its tentacles wrapped around my head and was trying to pull my face into its mouth. At least I hope it was the creatures mouth. I was able to get my arm in between the tentacles and its mouth and then song and stabbed at the body until the thing died. With its death the magical darkness faded and as I looked around once again the bodies disappeared and all that was left were these coin purses. I know The Might Ping has been picky them up, however I have quickly picked up a few myself just to make sure that we have money when needed for food, inns, travel, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Mighty Ping continued his usual invisible scouting. He entered the room and signaled for us to wait, but then a scream came out of that room like a woman being tortured. I couldn’t wait any longer someone was in danger and I have to act or my honor and all that I would be lost. I charged down the hall not caring if the traps would spring back to life and ending mine. I rounded the corner of the room to see Goblinkind surrounding a female Half-Orc and torturing her. The need to protect her swelled in my chest as did the need to kill those who had defiled themselves with such an act. With a roar I charged in and my anger at this injustice found a voice as icy cold frost shot forth, I called on all my strength and all my anger at what was happening freezing several that were around her. With The Companions of the Dream coming behind me and The Might Png already in the room the battle was over quickly and this woman freed. My voice might be lost but the breath of my ancestors is back and once again those who are evil will feel the freezing cold breath of the LAW!

With the goblins dead I took this woman back to the Library and the room of the Flying Books. While back there the room allow me access and strange it seemed like the books almost sends her pain and were grateful for me bring her to them. I made sure she had food was stabilized. She was conscious just long enough to say thank you then faded back into a hopeful healing sleep. As I was leaving the books i sword took on a stance of protection and organized themselves in a way to protect and keep her safe. I closed the door hoping that no one else would find the secret door. I covered the tracks and swept clean our tracks.

I returned to find The Might Ping and The Great Jadoniouse searching this throne made of bones and Gems. When they saw that there was a Dragon trapped in a bubble around them. They had this rod they had found and were debating on what to do. They decided to release the Green Dragon from the prison it was held in. As soon as it was free this Dragon was mad and attacked us with all the anger it had built up over the ages it was trapped here. What force are we dealing with that can trap a dragon like this? Are we going to find out this force is way beyond our means and end up like the Dragon or worse? The battle was long but in the end The Companions of the Dream were once again successful and the Dragon lay at our feet and then was gone it disappeared.

We ended the night with a search in a room full of the largest bugs I have ever seen. They came out of these holes and swarmed on us, trying to suck our blood. The Might Ping wanted these chests. He jumped over the small ledge only to be slammed to the ground and soon was opening the chests. As he climbed back to us there were chest attached to each of his legs. He ran and ran as we protected him and then as soon as he crossed the threshold the chests fell off his legs. It was a good haul as there were gems, money and a flaming longsword. We went to sleep with The Stalwart Faldor touching the magical sword and saying “FLAME ON”



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