Echoes of a Dream

Entry 07 The Lady Red - Undermountain Begins

How does one learn? Is it through a school, ones Parents, those around him, or simply coded into the genetic make up of oneself? I don’t expect any of us will ever agree on an answer as scientists and philosophers have argued this very topic for centuries and portably will for centuries more. Is this answer what makes up who we are and what we do? A question I find myself asking as we set out on a most interesting journey this fair morning.

The journey for me started in the evening. I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst nightmare ever. I dreamt that I was back home but Lord Ammit the FireBringer and I were no longer friends we were still enemies locked in constant battle. I had not redeemed my honor and he was still plotting a way to take over the kingdom and find the one ting he says always alluded him, ultimate power. I needed a walk. I couldn’t talk to anyone, and Ping and I can write back and forth but I have learned this is a lesson in frustration, he can’t handle a conversation in writing and soon it becomes a game of who can through the paper the farthest, who can make the most spit balls, or who can get up and leave the fastest to find something new to do. So I talked with my friend
or Belfaaz for those that can’t speak the language of Dragons. It was good to have someone to talk with, even if it was only in my mind. I understand now why solitary confinement is a punishment, just not being able to talk with anyone else has made me on the verge of insane! So we talked as we walked down the street and I learned all sorts of things about this land. One of the interesting things I learned was there are more of what I thought were my kin here, but turns out they are not. There are Dragonborn in this realm, those who are actually born from the sire of a Dragon! Belfaaz taught me much and I would hate to loose him.

While we were walking back Belfaaz had an idea on how to get my voice back, the only problem was he would need to be in a deep hibernation. During this time I would need to protect him and make sure he was around at all times. So he infused himself into the back of my shield. A family heirloom that has passed down from generation to generation, made out of the hardest metal on my planet. As he did a new strength flowed through my veins. I looked down where Belaaz had infused himself and sure enough you could feel his cold icy breath when you ran your hands over the etched dragon. A pleasant side effect is that now the crest of my shield has Belfaaz image shining though the front of my shield.

Well the morning came with a new dawn and it was to Undermountain we were to go. Like any band of heroes we couldn’t go without rations and seeing if there was anyone we could help. Just so happens were we ate, Ping was able to negotiate for rations in his usual, random way. A contest to compare the talents of The Great Jadoniouse against the usual house bard of The Wild Vine. The Great Jadoniouse did win and we got a week of free breakfasts, which the woman graciously packed away for us. She asked a strange question:
“What are you all called? What is the name of your group, guild, band?”
I thought about this and guess I would say we are The Companions of the Dream. It was by dreams we all came to the Dungeon where we first meet, for in this dream also were we deemed chosen, and thus it is by this dream we know each other in some strange way. So yes I think I will call ourselves The Companions of the Dream, at least until The Great Jadoniouse The Might Ping or the Stalwart Faldor come up with a name they wish to use.

We got our quest and into the Dungeon we go. Our quest? We are to seek out a noble’s son. The woman was obviously trying to cover that this young man is part of her family in some way and while she is concerned for him, I feel she is more concerned for the reputation of her families name more so than his health. So we entered Undermountain at the prompting of agonizing screams coming from the dungeon below, the very dungeon we were about enter. Another band of adventurers were being lowered into Undermountain, before they got to the bottom they were ambushed by Goblins, Kobolds, and monsters.

The area we landed was filled with messages from past adventuring parties about the many places they visited in Undermountain. There were a few clues but not many that would lead us to finding Rutherford. We agreed to find this man, and then agreed to save the adventuring party or find out information about the adventuring party that was ambushed. I don’t think the others of the Companions of the Dream really know what my word means to me. We promised and thus I must act towards these goals without fail, these things are what I must act on and towards now. As I looked around I noticed there was an ancient ritual of shields there at the base of the well. This mimics an ancient ritual that even exists where I hail from. These shields are all left as warrior of those who died in battle. The sheer number of shields at the well makes me think this dungeon is far more dangerous than the Companions of the Dream might be ready for.

The survivor in the well let us know about the attack upon his band of adventurers. We learned that at least 3 of his companions where carried off, possibly more. We could see their blood trial still unmarried by elements or the passage of time, giving us a chance to follow it and find these people as we promised. This man held on as long as he could unconscious he jammed the secret door open where they were ambushed for. His spirit held on making sure the door was open allowing us to follow them. He held on not knowing if anyone would come down but hope, the hope he held onto allowed us to being the search for his companions.

And this is why I ask how ones learns. Do we all have this hope and this desire to hold on to hope in our dying breath? OR are there others who will give up and just fade on to the afterlife? What role do we play in bringing hope to others? In my mind I desire to be the hope for others being someone others can lean on. I wanted to rush head first and head long after those that were in danger, and yet could not. Why? My oaths and my devotions to the Companions of the Dream come first and so I must stay with them and protect them first. So as they desire to explore and visit every room we come across for loot, magic, gold, power, I must stand and protect them as they explore the rooms of Undermountain. So I hope that the goblins will not eat the other adventurers before we can find them.

Our foray into Undermountain began with The Stalwart Faldor slamming the door that was held open by the unconscious adventurer. The sheer strength he showed inspired, dare I say, hope in myself that we could actually do as we said? That we would come out alive? The Stalwart Faldor continues to show that he is more than meets the eye, could he be more than just a descendant of the Silver Ones and actually be a true Silver One himself? The sheer power he showed in that instant makes me think he is a Silver One. He is growing in his knowledge and soon he will be a very strong Silver One. I “hope” that we live long enough to see that happen and we will be able to survive many more adventures.

The foray into Undermountain was not without danger. Interestingly the most dangerous thing we had to fight this half-day was a group of hands. These hands were vile evil undead creatures. By themselves they were nothing, however when 24 of these hands all at once charge even a young Sumerian Changeling, The Great Jadoniouse, or a Silver One, The Stalwart Faldor, could not stand up against all of these at once. Perhaps if they were more powerful they could have easily taken them, but at this point they still need to learn and grow. This realm is odd. They don’t have the simple technology like an Omni-pad but they have these undead hands that can poison and attack with such efficiency as the hand with the purple nails. This hand over and over got the upper hand on The Great Jadoniouse almost killing him.

The hand is not the most puzzling thing I saw, that would the the flying books in the Library. Books that can fly? This Undermountain such is a strange place. This room will prove to be a save haven in the future. It is well hidden, and even if one does find the room you could hide 1 person around all those flying books, at least long enough for 1 person to make a surprise attack on the one who comes through the door. It will be interesting to see what else this Undermountain has in store for us. While there is not the technology I am used to from the Ranger One or back home, there is a strange sense toe the “technology” and the “magic” that is present here is like that our of the myths of old. It will be quite interesting trying to protect the Companions of the Dream in this realm.



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