Echoes of a Dream

Entry 06 - Together Again - New Items

So we all woke up and The Stalwart Faldor was with us once again. We collected our items and then saw two strange bags. For some reason The Mighty Ping decided to go off and explore, and The Stalwart Faldor joined him. This was unfortunate timing as The Great Jadoniouse found himself under attack by a BAG. Yes a Bag somehow had a mouth and grew and was attached to The Great Jadoniouse and was devouring him. the Mighty Ping and his magical Short Sword came to the rescue and once again placed the time in the exact spot and the bag fell to the ground dead. Can a bag die? This area is odd and very strange indeed.

We then slept while The Mighty Ping decided to go for a stroll. We woke up to find ourselves on a ship. A Cloud Giant meet us as we awoke only to then pummel us into unconsciousness. When we awoke we found ourselves on the Deck of an Airship. I felt like I was home, if it wasn’t for the fact the ship was run by Pirates. But they stuck a fair accord and I got to be a Sailor once again. It was as if I was back home aboard Ranger One. For 1 week I felt all the cares of the world just pass me by. It was nice while it lasted.

What shock me to the core was as we were disembarking Lord Ammit the FireBringer was here. Yet he was different. He was his old self long ago, just like the first time I meet him, but how could that be? Years of battles, the quest for my honor to be restored, and his redemption was gone. He was back the evil mastermind. Could this be? I can’t think of anything else. I have corrupted this entry as the events are not written but Lord Ammit the FireBringer here again as his old self?

Is this why I can’t speak? I have to regain my honor? Yet how could that be as I have my families shield with me the stamp of Knight Protector Rinn’Valos von Ranger One is etched both on the front and in gold on the back under the names of those who served before me. In addition my hunches that The Stalwart Faldor was one of the Silver People was confirmed by Lord Ammit the FireBringer. I don’t remember the name Faldor in the lore of the Silver People. Who is this man? Then Lord Ammit the FireBringer confirmed also that The Great Jadoniouse is a Sumerian Changelings. They died out before I was born and yet here he is clearly one and one who has great power.

This world and where we are is not right. Something is wrong. The shopkeepers speak as if they are Robots. Yet they are not. They are flesh and blood. This realm doesn’t have the technology to build or design robots. I wish they did I could make a voice actuator and speak to my companions. At the same time they have the technology of a Omni-pad. My companions joke and call it the “Ping Dance” yet it is just like the technology back home of the OmniPortals. They don’t realize the full extent of what they could do and what it means for us. Using the OmniPortals will grant us the ability to freely travel about the towns. What I don’t understand is how they are working when we are not wearing the OmniPads they just appear when we need them.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow as we go down to the dungeon The Great Jadoniouse wants to explore. I was able to get an OmniSpace Bag here so that should help as we explore. Maybe I will find more technology in this dungeon I am familiar with and could make the voice actuator? In reality I think we will find battles that will pit us against the most fearsome creatures we have ever had to face. Our greatest trials will await us in this “UnderMountain.” I pray that I can find the strength to be the Knight Protector I know I am. My health has not granted me the opportunity to truly live up to what I have been trained to do. I vow that I will as we explore these hallowed halls.

My mind goes back to Lord Ammit the FireBringer. What does it mean that he is here? Could this be another test that I must pass through? I must once again live through the evil this man brings and find a way to redeem him once again? Or is there some greater evil at hand that is bringing us all here? If there is a greater evil what is it and how can I lead my new found friends to fight it?

For now I will set myself to be ever vigilant and make sure I know what is going on around us. I will also protect these friends I have and keep them safe, even it it means knocking a certain someone out from time to time to keep his mouth shut.

Grant me the strength as we set out tomorrow.



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