Echoes of a Dream

Entry 05 - Spider Creatures!

It was a strange day. The Mighty Ping, The Great Jadoniouse, and I suddenly found ourselves in an area we didn’t recognize or know. We are to help clear some kobolds from a mine in a village. We agreed to do it and then as we walked through the “wall” only the three of us appeared in the clearing. The Stalwart Faldor was no longer with us. We were not sure why and couldn’t get back so we continued on. We saw a village way off in the distance down a long path in a valley and a hut close by. We walked to the hut to be greeted by a kind and nice woman (Alice I will call her) and after talking with Alice we decided we would go explore the Mine.

The Mine was closer than expected and were able to clear it no problem. Like any of our adventures end with we were able to do it with no problem! There were no Kobolds in the mine! There were Drow and lots of them. If it wasn’t for The Mighty Ping and his stealth I don’t think we would have made it out alive. I was tasked with guarding the front door while The Mighty Ping and The Great Jadoniouse went in to search all stealthy. I never did understand why people like to sneak around. What is wrong with just announcing yourself and starting a good old fashion battle? Then again The Mighty Ping’s stealth has helped us in many an occasion.

I am not entirely sure what happened but suddenly Dragoniuse came rushing up to get me in a frenzy that they needed help. So I rushed down the tunnels following the little Dragon as fast as I could. When I came to a break in the tunnel there was the most hideous creature I ever saw! This creature had the bottom of a Huge Spider and the torso and head of a dark skinned Elf. Brandishing a scimitar and a bow this thing was charging at my friends firing arrows after arrows to where they were hiding. ALL THE WHILE UPSIDE DOWN ON THE CLIENG OF THE CAVE!

I did what I had to do and got the creatures attention and then forced it to attack me. With my friends no long the focus it came charging down on me. While it might have a huge scary body, it was not that intelligent as now it was unaware of my friends who crept back to join the battle and the six of us quickly made short work of it when it was on our ground to attack. Once again this creature like so many just disappeared and then there was a purse full of coins at our feet. What realm are we in.

When we got back to the cottage to let Alice know what happened we smiled and as we headed out the door, she transformed into one of those Spider Creatures! Before our eyes she was suddenly taking up the entire house and we fought for our lives. It took some time but we were victorious. I think the Mighty Ping has a magical short sword. He manages to find just the right spot to kill these creatures every-time we engage something. The Great Jadoniouse once again was transforming into different creatures we had fought. It was strange seeing a smart Ettin. I wonder if he will learn how to cast and fight while an Ettin that would be interesting. Again the body became a coin purse! This is most puzzling. But as I can’t talk I must ponder these things myself.



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