Echoes of a Dream

Entry 04 - Papers and a Stone Dwarf

We didn’t have any legal papers! Well of course not we were sucked into this city, have no clue where we are, how could we have papers! At least we were taken to a place to fill out the necessary forms. The constable Conberth Porte is a very large man who likes to dress in bright flagrant colors. This man has obviously dealt with several hundreds of people a day. I noticed this quickly when he was dealing with The Mighty Ping. Instead of trying to force the Kender to write the answers, he distracted him with a magical flying paper and sent him to another room. Later when The Might Ping had a hard time not jumping around and playing, the constable Conbertth Porte cause The Mighty Ping to be held in place and just left him until the business was conducted.

We left with a map and a destination. We were on to the Topaz Cask, an inn that was known to be friendly for those new to Sigil, we at least has a name for where we are now. As we were walking something happened to The Mighty Ping. He was frozen again. So I picked him up and let him “stand” on my shoulders as we walked to the Inn. It was hard to ignore the constant shouts from The Mighty Ping, but eventually I was able to ignore this constant surprise at all the new things he found. After an hour we had not moved near as far as we thought. This city is much bigger than we thought!

The Mighty Ping could move once more and soon he came tumbling off as he wanted to go left and we were going right. As The Mighty Ping tumbled and started to run off we gave chase and were stopped as a young child stood in our way. She was dressed in red robes and held an odd looking mace. She asked very puzzling questions and soon taught us how to move about this city. Apparently everyone in this city has the ability to call up a personal map and then teleport to any location within the city that they can see on the map. The Mighty Ping was distracted by something and kept dancing, so I had to bring him along as we teleported to the Topaz Cask.

I don’t know much what happened here. I chose to settle in my room and journal my thoughts over these last couple of days. Amazing that in two days I have traveled across at least 3 realms and am currently in a realms that I have never heard of or even know of. I am in a tire like city called Sigil that has buildings all around it. I don’t know why I am here or what I am to do. I can only guess I am to be the protector of these strange companions. I need to be the moral anchor and the shield that keeps them safe in the darkness that is sure to come.

We left the next morning, not sure where exactly. It has become lonely as I can’t talk to my companions. I could write and The Mighty Ping could understand me, however his attention span is so short that by time I wrote 1 sentence he would have already bounded off exploring something new. So I have become the silent Shield for this group. My voice of reason that the Ambassador has relied on is silent, and instead it is my Sword and my Shield that keep this group safe.

It is a good thing as well. We rounded a corner to see a lone Dwarf surrounded by an Ettin, a Phase Lizard, a Basilisk, and a Displacer Beast. I am glad my companions decided to help, as I couldn’t stand by and watch a helpless man be killed an eaten. The battle was long and hard. My sword arm grew weak near the end. It has been a long time since I have been in a battle like this.

Acid from the Phase Lizard was eating away at my shield arm, while the poison from the Basilisk was eating away at my Sword arm, I think I have a broken rib from the Ettin, and my mind was assaulted by a Basilisk trying to turn me to stone and the Displacer Beast projecting his image in false locations! Truly a battle to be sung about by the bards!

The Great Jadoniouse was a key to this battle as was The Stalwart Faldor. After The Mighty Ping and I distracted the Ettin into attacking us The Great Jadoniouse changed into a Dwarf to confuse and befuddle the Ettin. This worked and soon the Ettin lay at our feet, only to rise again as The Great Jadoniouse transformed himself into an Ettin. Realizing he didn’t have a large weapon, The Great Jadoniouse wielded The Stalwart Faldor as a living weapon. Working together these two created havoc on the battle field. The Mighty Ping once again proved to be the master of the Shadows as he was really seen, except when his dagger would find its mark upon our foes. The Basilisk turned out to be our greatest foe. This foe turned the Dwarf we were trying to help into stone quickly and almost turn myself into stone.

It was only my resolve to make sure I saved my companions that kept me from giving in and being petricificated.
The battle was won. It was hard fought and I will need a long rest after this battle. My wounds are oozing puss as there are still small traces of poison coursing through my body. A strange thing is happening as we fight our foes. There are now bodies left when we defeat our foes. They just disappear. They are gone and sometimes left behind is only a bag or a purse. Where did these bodies go? Where are the weapons? Where is the skin? There is nothing just a bag? Money? since when does a Basilisk have money? We draft this mighty foe and there is no body to skin and make leather armor out of, or glands to create antidotes for the poison, but money? Where have we come to that money is left behind. Is there a bounty on these creatures in Sigil and a magical guild is teleporting these bodies away? Something to research for sure.

After The Mighty Jadoniouse and The Stalwart Faldor looted the money that was left behind we now had 420 Lion coins. These coins were split up equally among us all. This gave us the freedom to not just depend on 1 person to have al the money. Hopefully i will be able to buy some more parchment as i am coming close to the last sheet. We also found an odd marking on the Dwarf. It looks like a guild icon. As we studied it, I remembered seeing something like it on the map. I searched and sure enough there was the same icon on the map. I could not read the text next to it however. I tried to communicate with The Mighty Ping, but he wanted to go swimming. He told everyone I was going to take him swimming. I growled at him and he told the truth. Soon The Stalwart Faldor said he found the location on his map as well. It was the Order of the Silver Orb.

After a discussion more like an argument between teenagers, it was agreed we would take the Dwarf to the Order of the Silver Orb and see if we couldn’t help him get healed. After we helped the Dwarf we would take The Mighty Ping to the “Swimming Pools.” Why do I get the sense that these are not Swimming Pools, but something else! I have this nagging feeling that The Mighty Ping is leading us down a dangerous path ruled only by his curiosity. Hopefully we can control him enough so we all don’t end up dead.




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