Echoes of a Dream

Entry 03 - A City Disappears

I still have not resolved my moral dilemma, however I know I can not abandon these brave adventures that I have started to consider my fiends. My hope is that in some way I can influence them towards the greater good.
Normally when one has to move there is stress and anxiety tied to the move, but what about when the city disappears? Yes the entire city of Neverwinter is gone, or at least that is what I saw. We came out of the cave and saw a white glow around the city and then the entire city was lifted out of the ground and started to float upwards. The entire city was floating up in the air! As if this wasn’t enough another city was floating down! The Great Jadoniouse said no Silver is there and we all rushed after him as he ran towards the city. As we came closer to the city there was an army there protecting people from the dangers. My companions just ran right through ignoring the army and needed to get to the city. I followed knowing they would need my protection.

As we got closer the city was higher and higher up we couldn’t reach the city. There were people dying as they were falling off the city as it floated up. The Great Jadoniouse and The Mighty Ping re-enacted their trick. The Great Jadoniouse was once again that vile evil Undead creature and The Might Ping once again jumped on top and rode him as they floated up. The Stalwart Faldor turned his body into a tree and shot his arms up and grabbed ahold of the sewer pipes. He reached down and pulled me up.

Then we were all sucked into a great vortex. A nothingness surrounded us as we were not pulled, not pushed, but sucked into a tunnel. As we were sucked 4 colorless dragons burst out of Pings bag and floated around each one of us. These dragons flew around us and then dive bombed us! The Mighty Ping tried to ward them off but to no avail. They then wrapped themselves around our necks and flashed blue and then were gone leaving behind only a faint tattoo on each of our necks. The Mighty Ping and the Stalwart Faldor tried to pull them off but could not. With nothing else to distract me I noticed again that we were spinning around each other as we were being sucked further and further in or up to who knows where! The Mighty Ping was enjoying himself and started to “swim” and laugh as we were moving. then SLAM we were slammed into a street.

There were people all around us running and screaming. I was separated from my companions as the herd of people pushed around us. I am not sure exactly what happened with them, but I learned these people were fleeing for their lives. They were scared of something or someone and were fleeing as if their lives depended on them getting out of the area. I couldn’t just stand around and watch this happen i had to do something to help. I picked up children that fell, or carried old women to the gates, or brought dropped precious toys to crying children. I made sure they all got out alive. As I looked around I noticed these people were being herded and chased by several Beholders! These vile creatures again were haunting us and now several thousands of people! We had to leave. As the Beholders got closer the people were screaming all the more frantic and we had to help them out! At last the last of the people were near the gates. I continued to help anyone trying to escape through the gates. I was getting ready to stand guard and protect these people, but then large sentient machines came to stand guard and a Captain stood ground. I am small compared to this giant of a man, he was yelling something at the Beholders and then lightning crackled around me and them and these Beholders when up in smoke. He turned like a seasoned soldier and walked out of the gates. I couldn’t take my eyes away from what I was seeing! This warrior just disintegrated several Beholders at once! Who was this man? I want to study under someone who holds this power, and yet acts for the greater good of the people!

As I turned to leave I think I saw a dagger fly out over my shoulder and strike a Beholder. I never got a chance to verify this as I need to run to make sure I was not closed in as the gates were slamming shut. When I left I found my companions and we meet up again watching what was happening. I realized we were out of our league and these warrior has the situation in much better control then we could. It was not that I got a handle on this city we landed in, and quickly i was disoriented! I couldn’t make sense of up or down! Instead of the sky above me there was an entire city above me with people walking and milling about! Where have we landed! What is this place?



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