Echoes of a Dream

Entry 02 - The Cave and the Eggs

There are the moments in life that define us for who we are and who we will become, one such moment happened today for The Great Jadoniouse. While some may think that moment for The Great Jadoniouse has not yet come as he has not yet found Silver Manthis, I believe his moment came today inside of the cave. After we escaped the lair of the Dragon, we ran into some cult followers of The Cult of the Dragon. After a quick battle Ping learned they had some dragon eggs in a cave to the North. Ping ran ahead at full speed leave the rest of us to play catch up to this odd Kender. In the cave we faced a Beholder Zombie. This undead creature almost caused the death of myself and The Stalwart Faldor, it was the fast movements of The Mighty Ping attacking from the shadows that brought the monster down. As the monster died The Great Jadoniouse had his defining moment. The Great Jadoniouse absorbed the powers of this foul and evil creature. The Great Jadoniouse then used the power of this creature and became the foul undead beast. As the form of the beast The Mighty Ping mounted and rode this foul beast like a horse. The two of them explored the upper caves and found 4 Dragon Eggs. We left the cave having saved the Dragon eggs, but were we successful? Does doing good in the form of evil count as good? Or is it just evil in another form?

I feel that I am different from my companions in many ways. I am part of the Honor Guard , I am the personal protector of the Ambassador of New Trition, I have been named Knight Protector, I am a follower of the Ancient Ways, I am a light in the darkness that is New Triton how can I condone that one of my companions becomes a vile evil undead monster to win a battle?




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