Echoes of a Dream

Entry 11 - Faldor strikes again! and A Morality Lesson

Once again the Companions of the Dream find themselves tested. This time we were tested from within and not from the outside. There are those moments we all have where we are tempted and only by remaining true to our faith, honor, and values will we come out of the fire a better man or woman. This day was a moment where we were tested by fire.

The morning started out with us actually being tested by fire. Not figuratively or literately but with actual fire…. and glass and acid and glue and poison and …. We entered into a room full of vials and potions and concoctions of various colors, smells, and viscosity. The The Mighty Ping rendered the purveyor and creator of these alchemic works unconscious, just before the rest of us walked into this could smelling room. Curiosity smiled upon The Stalwart Faldor like a Cheshire cat, and he smiled back just as large. Before anyone could tell him to stop he uncorked a vial and touched the strange liquid inside turning his whole body into a gray hazy liquid. Then as he removed his finger from the vial his whole body exploded into a deafening thunderous wave, creating not only the loud noise but a deathly domino effect as every other vial, potion, test tube, and glass work in this small room reverberated and exploded! Soon we found ourselves on the ground on fire, poisoned, lying in acid, and some even asleep. It was only by grace that we all didn’t end up dead right then.

We then headed to the back room which we found out was Zarr’s bedroom. Zarr was indeed a strange man. We opened the door to see the room filled with a device that allowed the full spectrum of light to be spread around the room in a slow rotating circle. There was also a rusted crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. While normally this wouldn’t be a problem instead this room almost killed a couple of my companions. The Great Jadoniouse was searching a desk when suddenly he fell face first onto the bookshelf and desk blaming his head hard on the desk and then he fell back and slammed his head on the edge of the chair and then the chair flipped over and landed on his stomach as his head slammed back on the concrete. Just as his head slammed against the chair The Stalwart Faldor was exploring Zarr bed and suddenly the bed exploded lighting Faldor on fire along with everything in the bed on fire. Just then The Mighty Ping fell from the ceiling as the Chandelier crashed to the ground. The Mighty Ping did his usual flip and landed and helped out the The Great Jadoniouse, so I rushed over to The Stalwart Faldor and made sure he was okay. With everyone awake and okay we decided to rest a bit while The Great Jadoniouse sang his usual song.

I was surprised at my companions as our time of rest was filled with conversations and reading. I read through Zarr’s journal and we learned where Rutherford might be located, and found out that Zarr had 3 hidden caches of loot around the dungeon. After that I was able to teach the very beginnings of the basic rules for DragonChess. My companions were okay but didn’t grasp the basic rules and were quickly beaten. Despite this i feel for the first time I was able to really develop some report with my companions. It was time well worth the investment and hope that Belfaaz is able to find a way to help me get my voice back and we can have more report.

The next area we went into had a talkative kobold in the room. He didn’t give us much information, but he became the tool to teach my companions a lesson on morality. See The Mighty Ping through this day had been constantly fooling those he dealt with and while giving them money would then go and steal it back, or at least most of it. The Mighty Ping tried with this kobold only to find out that the coin purse was magical and would scream when ever someone tried to steal from the bag. This was just tool cool for The Mighty Ping and he had to have the bag. He couldn’t stop dwelling on the bag. When I learned this I gave them all a stern talking to about stealing and how it was not correct. Though since it was all filtered through The Mighty Ping it was not as stern as I wrote it. Sigh. I can only hope they learned something.

The day ended with a very strange battle of Gargoyles and a black pudding. The one thing we learned, black puddings split whenever you Slice them with a sword or shoot lighting at them. So we need to remember that next time we fight.

Glad we went to the inn and spent the night there. A good nights rest is exactly what we need……………..


Entry 10 - Final Battle with Zarr

When you complete a goal or a task i always thought it would bring with it a sense of satisfaction, however today I am not so sure.

We woke up from our rest and moved on to find Zarr and the Rutherford. Before we found Zaar we came to a room where we had to battle these elementals of water. The goblins were trying to do something to them. Strengthen them or make them bigger we know not as we killed those doing this magical act along with the elementals. As the battle ended 2 goblins were left. They threw down their weapons and asked to be spared. My companions debated with the goblins on terms of surrender and information, the goblins too afraid just ran off. The Great Jadoniouse asked me to stop them. I didn’t know what to do. I can’t talk but why? They surrendered and were no threat. Even vile evil creatures that they are I must obey the tenants of war. Unarmed combatants that have surrendered and no threat are granted leave to flee the battlefield. They asked only to flee back to their homes and their children. While I do not welcome the thought of more of these evil creatures living and growing up to do battle against us, I also can not attack them. That would be wrong and unethical. This is what separates us with honor and goodness from those without honor and evil.

I can only guess what was going through my companions minds as I stood there with my head tilted and my gaze full of questions. They however, must not have my same sense of honor and before I could stop them they killed on of the fleeing goblins and stopped the other one. The goblin left was full of fear, you could see it in his eyes and how he walked. He would now do anything they asked. So he lead us to the lair of Zarr.

However before we could get there, he ran ahead screaming for help that there were attackers in the lair. Soon the room we were in filled with goblins, kobolds and hobgoblins, these all had weapons and became our priority. The Mighty Ping grabbed a couple of us and bamfed us right into the thick of the battle. They didn’t last long again The Companions of the Dream. The goblin that was screaming for help caught up only to see that somehow his friends were dead and all that was left was us. He turned and left only to see The Stalwart Faldor there as Flame and was burned down before the next words left his mouth.

SIGH. I hope my companions can learn what honor is.

We found Zarr. The most interesting thing was there was a Omni-Portal device in the room. The bugbear operating the device was quite annoying as he would teleport The Great Jadoniouse and myself all over the room. Just as we got close we would find ourselves over a pit or in a pit. Over and over again the two of us were rendered useless in the battle. The Stalwart Faldor took care of a huge magical ballots that had locked on to The Mighty Ping and was continuously shooting magical bolts at him. The Mighty Ping was moving around the battlefield in his usual tumbling and diving manner. This allowed for him and The Stalwart Faldor to bring Zarr down. With Zarr out of the picture the rest of the battle was over fast.

The interlude.
The battle ended. Zarr has been defeated but at what cost? What did it cost us to defeat this man? We saved some hostages, prisoners, and possibly stopped an army from being raised, but was the death of this man worth it? Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears are evil monsters to the core their destruction means nothing, but an Elf? How will this effect our souls as we move forward. Killing never brings me pleasure or happiness even if it is done for the greater good.

How are you supposed to feel after a big battle that everything has been building up to? Relieved? Happy? Well for us we didn’t have the time to feel or think about anything. Just as the battle ended the weird started. It started with that voice that comes and goes into my head was back, but this time it was different. This time it was like a herald announcing great achievements or nobility to a court. this time "Quest Complete. Level Up.” What quest did we complete? We haven’t found Rutherford. Was this voice referring to the quest of finding the lost adventurers? We found them all earlier? Does this realm require blood and death for a quest to be complete? I hope not, I thought I left behind those barbaric ways long ago in anther realm. Have I managed to find another realm where barbaric rules and rites exist?
What is this level up? Are we to go back up to the bar? I can’t I can’t go when Rutherford is still missing. I need to stay down here hopefully with the other Companions of the Dream until we can find Rutherford and complete our promise to The Lady Red. Level up? Was this strange realms language to let us know we were healed? Right after that voice spoke my wounds were healed, gone. It was like I had rested in a bath of med-gel for a week along with a week of rest. As I looked at the other Companions of the Dream they too were healed. Their wounds were gone no scars, no residual effects, nothing but perfection. What is this real that I have entered?

Then a female voice was heard and she said “Achievement Earned: Dungeon Delver”. More taunts? More riddles? I am tired of them all. Dungeon Delver? I have delved under more dungeons then I care to count and yet some voice is going to mock me and let me know I have entered a dungeon? Why can’t I speak? This realm thinks it can taunt me with these voices. They speak but I can’t. Can it truly be fair that I can’t talk but I can hear these random voices?

Then again she speaks and my shield lights up as an image is etched into the back. : “Achievement Earned: Guild Logo”
Then I look down and a tabard is over my armor. With a more elaborate version of this logo. What is this! I write something in my journal and then it becomes real? What is this realm!


To taunt me further my companions don’t seem to notice. They don’t see things the same way I do. They don’t notice the tabards they are now wearing. Just like in town when …. No I shouldn’t. I will not write what I saw now. When they notice the I will write, if this realm is taking things from my journal and turning it into reality I best keep what I saw for now quiet. Oh you who taunt m e don’t worry I will speak when it is time, even if I have to have The Great Jadoniouse use his magic to hold The Mighty Ping in place while he reads what I write I will have my say at the right time.

So the we are a battle one, our wounds healed, our bodies feeling like a weeks worth of rest. My companions where going through the loot the weapons and the armor that was found. Seeing what they could use and what would be useful. I am content with what I have. So I decided to inspect the control panel that was throwing The Great Jadoniouse and myself around like an Omni-gate. The controls were very similar to that which I used back on The Ranger One. How can this be this realm doesn’t have this level of technology anywhere else, but they have portal able Omni-gates? I wasn’t sure this is what it was until the familiar purple glow of an Omni-gate opening started to fill the room. At first I thought I was just lost in my own mind remembering and longing for home, until The Might Ping spoke up
“This is boring Jadoniouse you look at the rest, I am going to …….. What is that? I have never jumped in a purple hole before.”

His comment brought me back to the present and reality, just in time! As I looked up there in the Omni-Gate the vile beholder from our shared dream was starting to manifest. I knew I had to act fast or the gate would open and he would be here in this room with us. Even fully rested and healed I knew he was not someone we could defeat in this room. It was too much of an advantage for him and not enough for ourselves. Against all hope I prayed that the controls were not different than back home on The Ranger One. Last thing I needed was to open the Omni-gate faster instead of closing it. My hand hands moved fast like a dancer across the stage, I let the muscle memory of years operating these on The Ranger One take over as they operated the controls like a full symphonic ballet. The gate started to fade and then was closed.

I looked up to three star struck dumb founded faces staring at me. “What did you do?” The Great Jadoniouse asked. The Mighty Ping had a sad look on his face, I think he really wanted to jump in a purple hole. The fact that is was filled with a Beholder that would probably kill and then eat him didn’t phase The Mighty Ping, as it was something he never had done, and now to his mind something he would never get to do. The Stalwart Faldor was his ever stoic quiet self.

Shrugging I quickly wrote “no time must flee big beholder might be back.” They gathered up the loot and I set about destroying that console. Soon we were running out of the room to the north. As we ran I couldn’t help but smile. We were once again moving and hopefully going in the right direction of where we can find and save Rutherford.


Entry 09 - Cursed Dagger and Lava

There are days you will always remember, days that will be remembered by friends and those around you, and then there are days that the Bards will sing of, for ages to come. Today was one of those days. A day that will forever define the Companions of the Dream. We were tested and tried, and I hope we were found worthy.

I have heard it said “No adventurer has truly been tested in a dungeon until they have experienced a curse that turned them against each other.” Well then The Companions of the Dream have been truly tested. We entered a room where sand was falling up. I don’t mean that it looked like sand was being pulled to the ceiling, but that it actually was falling up. Then an hour later it would fall down. It was like the entire room was an hourglass. As the sand cleared there were bones of previous inhabitants littered across the floor. A dagger with a rose diamond hilt, sparkled, the light from The Stalwart Faldor flames glinted off this gem just enough that The Might Ping’s ever watchful eye spotted this treasure. With his usual recklessness The Might Ping rushed into the room with the singular focus on retrieving the dagger. He was successful only to find the rooms bones animated and attack us. Skeletons, the undead, vile creatures that are nothing but a curse against life itself, were soon felled by us. The dagger and other magical treasures of the room were ours and The Mighty Ping was all too gleeful about this weapon he could now wield.

We continued to explore the rooms and found other prisoners and were able to set them free. One was unconscious in a sack of flour. Were the goblins trying to turn a living Half-Elf into a mummy for food? However, this was not the crazy. This was going to turn out to be almost forgettable compared to what happened next.

The Mighty Ping in a battle attacked The Great Jadoniouse. We had to knock out The Might Ping to get him to stop. He was not himself. When we tried to take the dagger from him, his countenance changed and he became protective of dagger, like a starving child protecting the last scrap of bread. In an attempt to wrestle the dagger from The Mighty Pings hands The Companions of the Dream came upon the test of their valor and friendship. The Mighty Ping would not let go of the dagger. It took a command from my spells to get him to release it, only for him to quickly grab on to it before we could destroy it. Soon The Might Ping and The Great Jadoniouse were teleporting back and forth all over the dungeon in various places.

The Great Jadoniouse proved his valor and wouldn’t let go. He was a deer, an Ettin, and other forms all trying to bring the dagger to a forge The Stalwart Faldor was making hotter and hotter. The goal was to put the dagger in the forge and destroy it. Somehow the dagger KNEW our plan? A dagger that had a small amount of intelligence or animal instinct? Could this be? I guess in this realm anything is possible!

The Mighty Ping was bamfing all over the dungeon taking The Great Jadoniouse with him. I tried to help but could not keep up with The Mighty Ping’s bamfing. So I forced The Mighty Ping to a magical duel. The ancient tradition of The Knight Protector’s I had to use against one of my own! I was reluctant to do so, but knew this might be the only way in which we could save The Mighty Ping. While he was forced to attack me and be near him, The Mighty Ping proved his cunning. Soon he was bamfing around with both The Great Jadoniouse and myself. We were slowing bringing The Mighty Ping to the point of unconsciousness, however he continually would move or bamf us with him to a new location. We couldn’t kill him and so the battle was long. In the confusion soon The Mighty Ping made a mistake, but one that will be felt for a long time. The Mighty Ping bamfed himself and myself above the forge in an attempt to get me to let go. I wouldn’t let go hoping that if nothing else the shock of us in the forge and the pain would snap him to his senses long enough for The Great Jadoniouse to throw the dagger in the forge. We both landed in the forge that was now like a bath of lava. I don’t remember much other than knowing I couldn’t let go and I had to roll out. We landed and I rolled only to be awakened on the floor of this room with the smell of burnt hair, scales, and flesh filling my nostrils. I turned enough to see that The Mighty Ping was alive, though bald.

The Stalwart Faldor had created a forge that was almost has hot as Dragon breath and when the dagger was thrown into this forge, he using his races unique ability, held the dagger under the molten lava until all that was left was this perfect flawless clear Diamond. I have never seen a diamond that looked as flawless as the one The Stalwart Faldor pulled out. We made camp in the tent of The Great Jadoniouse and resting and healing. I do hope The Mighty Pings hair will grow back.

Entry 08 - Undermountain Continues

Do you ever have one of those days where you think things are gong to go well but turn out to go absolutely down the gutter and then when you think things can’t get any worse suddenly there is a bright light at the end of the day? No? Well then let me tell you about a day just like that.

We were in this room of heroes, i assume they are heroes since someone took the time to make 40 well carved statues of these men and women. Not only did they make the statues nice, they also placed traps in over 1/2 of the traps! The Might Ping was working methodically through the hall disarming each trap he came across. When he was about 1/2 way to the room we were trying to get too a loud noise echoed at the end of the hall, and suddenly the entire hall was filled with arrows and blades. As a rock smashed against the far wall i turned to see Faldor’s arm coming down from a powerful throw. Apparently he was bored and decided to set off all the traps at once! Dozens of arrows slew out of the traps filling the air like the sound of a 1000 bees, and a dozen scythes were swooshing back and forth adding to the cacophony created by the arrows.

Suddenly the door we wanted to get to opened bringing forth Kobolds, Bugbears, and a flying squid. An odd looking Kobold yelled something whist weaving a rod in a pattern and suddenly it was quiet again as all the traps just stopped all at once. Admit the clamor we couldn’t make out what he said, but we did hear a Bugbear yell something as they charged at us. I can’t really say what happened to the others as soon a magical black darkness was spread over the battlefield and this large flying squid was trying to attach itself to my face. IT had its tentacles wrapped around my head and was trying to pull my face into its mouth. At least I hope it was the creatures mouth. I was able to get my arm in between the tentacles and its mouth and then song and stabbed at the body until the thing died. With its death the magical darkness faded and as I looked around once again the bodies disappeared and all that was left were these coin purses. I know The Might Ping has been picky them up, however I have quickly picked up a few myself just to make sure that we have money when needed for food, inns, travel, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Mighty Ping continued his usual invisible scouting. He entered the room and signaled for us to wait, but then a scream came out of that room like a woman being tortured. I couldn’t wait any longer someone was in danger and I have to act or my honor and all that I would be lost. I charged down the hall not caring if the traps would spring back to life and ending mine. I rounded the corner of the room to see Goblinkind surrounding a female Half-Orc and torturing her. The need to protect her swelled in my chest as did the need to kill those who had defiled themselves with such an act. With a roar I charged in and my anger at this injustice found a voice as icy cold frost shot forth, I called on all my strength and all my anger at what was happening freezing several that were around her. With The Companions of the Dream coming behind me and The Might Png already in the room the battle was over quickly and this woman freed. My voice might be lost but the breath of my ancestors is back and once again those who are evil will feel the freezing cold breath of the LAW!

With the goblins dead I took this woman back to the Library and the room of the Flying Books. While back there the room allow me access and strange it seemed like the books almost sends her pain and were grateful for me bring her to them. I made sure she had food was stabilized. She was conscious just long enough to say thank you then faded back into a hopeful healing sleep. As I was leaving the books i sword took on a stance of protection and organized themselves in a way to protect and keep her safe. I closed the door hoping that no one else would find the secret door. I covered the tracks and swept clean our tracks.

I returned to find The Might Ping and The Great Jadoniouse searching this throne made of bones and Gems. When they saw that there was a Dragon trapped in a bubble around them. They had this rod they had found and were debating on what to do. They decided to release the Green Dragon from the prison it was held in. As soon as it was free this Dragon was mad and attacked us with all the anger it had built up over the ages it was trapped here. What force are we dealing with that can trap a dragon like this? Are we going to find out this force is way beyond our means and end up like the Dragon or worse? The battle was long but in the end The Companions of the Dream were once again successful and the Dragon lay at our feet and then was gone it disappeared.

We ended the night with a search in a room full of the largest bugs I have ever seen. They came out of these holes and swarmed on us, trying to suck our blood. The Might Ping wanted these chests. He jumped over the small ledge only to be slammed to the ground and soon was opening the chests. As he climbed back to us there were chest attached to each of his legs. He ran and ran as we protected him and then as soon as he crossed the threshold the chests fell off his legs. It was a good haul as there were gems, money and a flaming longsword. We went to sleep with The Stalwart Faldor touching the magical sword and saying “FLAME ON”

Entry 07 The Lady Red - Undermountain Begins

How does one learn? Is it through a school, ones Parents, those around him, or simply coded into the genetic make up of oneself? I don’t expect any of us will ever agree on an answer as scientists and philosophers have argued this very topic for centuries and portably will for centuries more. Is this answer what makes up who we are and what we do? A question I find myself asking as we set out on a most interesting journey this fair morning.

The journey for me started in the evening. I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst nightmare ever. I dreamt that I was back home but Lord Ammit the FireBringer and I were no longer friends we were still enemies locked in constant battle. I had not redeemed my honor and he was still plotting a way to take over the kingdom and find the one ting he says always alluded him, ultimate power. I needed a walk. I couldn’t talk to anyone, and Ping and I can write back and forth but I have learned this is a lesson in frustration, he can’t handle a conversation in writing and soon it becomes a game of who can through the paper the farthest, who can make the most spit balls, or who can get up and leave the fastest to find something new to do. So I talked with my friend
or Belfaaz for those that can’t speak the language of Dragons. It was good to have someone to talk with, even if it was only in my mind. I understand now why solitary confinement is a punishment, just not being able to talk with anyone else has made me on the verge of insane! So we talked as we walked down the street and I learned all sorts of things about this land. One of the interesting things I learned was there are more of what I thought were my kin here, but turns out they are not. There are Dragonborn in this realm, those who are actually born from the sire of a Dragon! Belfaaz taught me much and I would hate to loose him.

While we were walking back Belfaaz had an idea on how to get my voice back, the only problem was he would need to be in a deep hibernation. During this time I would need to protect him and make sure he was around at all times. So he infused himself into the back of my shield. A family heirloom that has passed down from generation to generation, made out of the hardest metal on my planet. As he did a new strength flowed through my veins. I looked down where Belaaz had infused himself and sure enough you could feel his cold icy breath when you ran your hands over the etched dragon. A pleasant side effect is that now the crest of my shield has Belfaaz image shining though the front of my shield.

Well the morning came with a new dawn and it was to Undermountain we were to go. Like any band of heroes we couldn’t go without rations and seeing if there was anyone we could help. Just so happens were we ate, Ping was able to negotiate for rations in his usual, random way. A contest to compare the talents of The Great Jadoniouse against the usual house bard of The Wild Vine. The Great Jadoniouse did win and we got a week of free breakfasts, which the woman graciously packed away for us. She asked a strange question:
“What are you all called? What is the name of your group, guild, band?”
I thought about this and guess I would say we are The Companions of the Dream. It was by dreams we all came to the Dungeon where we first meet, for in this dream also were we deemed chosen, and thus it is by this dream we know each other in some strange way. So yes I think I will call ourselves The Companions of the Dream, at least until The Great Jadoniouse The Might Ping or the Stalwart Faldor come up with a name they wish to use.

We got our quest and into the Dungeon we go. Our quest? We are to seek out a noble’s son. The woman was obviously trying to cover that this young man is part of her family in some way and while she is concerned for him, I feel she is more concerned for the reputation of her families name more so than his health. So we entered Undermountain at the prompting of agonizing screams coming from the dungeon below, the very dungeon we were about enter. Another band of adventurers were being lowered into Undermountain, before they got to the bottom they were ambushed by Goblins, Kobolds, and monsters.

The area we landed was filled with messages from past adventuring parties about the many places they visited in Undermountain. There were a few clues but not many that would lead us to finding Rutherford. We agreed to find this man, and then agreed to save the adventuring party or find out information about the adventuring party that was ambushed. I don’t think the others of the Companions of the Dream really know what my word means to me. We promised and thus I must act towards these goals without fail, these things are what I must act on and towards now. As I looked around I noticed there was an ancient ritual of shields there at the base of the well. This mimics an ancient ritual that even exists where I hail from. These shields are all left as warrior of those who died in battle. The sheer number of shields at the well makes me think this dungeon is far more dangerous than the Companions of the Dream might be ready for.

The survivor in the well let us know about the attack upon his band of adventurers. We learned that at least 3 of his companions where carried off, possibly more. We could see their blood trial still unmarried by elements or the passage of time, giving us a chance to follow it and find these people as we promised. This man held on as long as he could unconscious he jammed the secret door open where they were ambushed for. His spirit held on making sure the door was open allowing us to follow them. He held on not knowing if anyone would come down but hope, the hope he held onto allowed us to being the search for his companions.

And this is why I ask how ones learns. Do we all have this hope and this desire to hold on to hope in our dying breath? OR are there others who will give up and just fade on to the afterlife? What role do we play in bringing hope to others? In my mind I desire to be the hope for others being someone others can lean on. I wanted to rush head first and head long after those that were in danger, and yet could not. Why? My oaths and my devotions to the Companions of the Dream come first and so I must stay with them and protect them first. So as they desire to explore and visit every room we come across for loot, magic, gold, power, I must stand and protect them as they explore the rooms of Undermountain. So I hope that the goblins will not eat the other adventurers before we can find them.

Our foray into Undermountain began with The Stalwart Faldor slamming the door that was held open by the unconscious adventurer. The sheer strength he showed inspired, dare I say, hope in myself that we could actually do as we said? That we would come out alive? The Stalwart Faldor continues to show that he is more than meets the eye, could he be more than just a descendant of the Silver Ones and actually be a true Silver One himself? The sheer power he showed in that instant makes me think he is a Silver One. He is growing in his knowledge and soon he will be a very strong Silver One. I “hope” that we live long enough to see that happen and we will be able to survive many more adventures.

The foray into Undermountain was not without danger. Interestingly the most dangerous thing we had to fight this half-day was a group of hands. These hands were vile evil undead creatures. By themselves they were nothing, however when 24 of these hands all at once charge even a young Sumerian Changeling, The Great Jadoniouse, or a Silver One, The Stalwart Faldor, could not stand up against all of these at once. Perhaps if they were more powerful they could have easily taken them, but at this point they still need to learn and grow. This realm is odd. They don’t have the simple technology like an Omni-pad but they have these undead hands that can poison and attack with such efficiency as the hand with the purple nails. This hand over and over got the upper hand on The Great Jadoniouse almost killing him.

The hand is not the most puzzling thing I saw, that would the the flying books in the Library. Books that can fly? This Undermountain such is a strange place. This room will prove to be a save haven in the future. It is well hidden, and even if one does find the room you could hide 1 person around all those flying books, at least long enough for 1 person to make a surprise attack on the one who comes through the door. It will be interesting to see what else this Undermountain has in store for us. While there is not the technology I am used to from the Ranger One or back home, there is a strange sense toe the “technology” and the “magic” that is present here is like that our of the myths of old. It will be quite interesting trying to protect the Companions of the Dream in this realm.

Entry 06 - Together Again - New Items

So we all woke up and The Stalwart Faldor was with us once again. We collected our items and then saw two strange bags. For some reason The Mighty Ping decided to go off and explore, and The Stalwart Faldor joined him. This was unfortunate timing as The Great Jadoniouse found himself under attack by a BAG. Yes a Bag somehow had a mouth and grew and was attached to The Great Jadoniouse and was devouring him. the Mighty Ping and his magical Short Sword came to the rescue and once again placed the time in the exact spot and the bag fell to the ground dead. Can a bag die? This area is odd and very strange indeed.

We then slept while The Mighty Ping decided to go for a stroll. We woke up to find ourselves on a ship. A Cloud Giant meet us as we awoke only to then pummel us into unconsciousness. When we awoke we found ourselves on the Deck of an Airship. I felt like I was home, if it wasn’t for the fact the ship was run by Pirates. But they stuck a fair accord and I got to be a Sailor once again. It was as if I was back home aboard Ranger One. For 1 week I felt all the cares of the world just pass me by. It was nice while it lasted.

What shock me to the core was as we were disembarking Lord Ammit the FireBringer was here. Yet he was different. He was his old self long ago, just like the first time I meet him, but how could that be? Years of battles, the quest for my honor to be restored, and his redemption was gone. He was back the evil mastermind. Could this be? I can’t think of anything else. I have corrupted this entry as the events are not written but Lord Ammit the FireBringer here again as his old self?

Is this why I can’t speak? I have to regain my honor? Yet how could that be as I have my families shield with me the stamp of Knight Protector Rinn’Valos von Ranger One is etched both on the front and in gold on the back under the names of those who served before me. In addition my hunches that The Stalwart Faldor was one of the Silver People was confirmed by Lord Ammit the FireBringer. I don’t remember the name Faldor in the lore of the Silver People. Who is this man? Then Lord Ammit the FireBringer confirmed also that The Great Jadoniouse is a Sumerian Changelings. They died out before I was born and yet here he is clearly one and one who has great power.

This world and where we are is not right. Something is wrong. The shopkeepers speak as if they are Robots. Yet they are not. They are flesh and blood. This realm doesn’t have the technology to build or design robots. I wish they did I could make a voice actuator and speak to my companions. At the same time they have the technology of a Omni-pad. My companions joke and call it the “Ping Dance” yet it is just like the technology back home of the OmniPortals. They don’t realize the full extent of what they could do and what it means for us. Using the OmniPortals will grant us the ability to freely travel about the towns. What I don’t understand is how they are working when we are not wearing the OmniPads they just appear when we need them.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow as we go down to the dungeon The Great Jadoniouse wants to explore. I was able to get an OmniSpace Bag here so that should help as we explore. Maybe I will find more technology in this dungeon I am familiar with and could make the voice actuator? In reality I think we will find battles that will pit us against the most fearsome creatures we have ever had to face. Our greatest trials will await us in this “UnderMountain.” I pray that I can find the strength to be the Knight Protector I know I am. My health has not granted me the opportunity to truly live up to what I have been trained to do. I vow that I will as we explore these hallowed halls.

My mind goes back to Lord Ammit the FireBringer. What does it mean that he is here? Could this be another test that I must pass through? I must once again live through the evil this man brings and find a way to redeem him once again? Or is there some greater evil at hand that is bringing us all here? If there is a greater evil what is it and how can I lead my new found friends to fight it?

For now I will set myself to be ever vigilant and make sure I know what is going on around us. I will also protect these friends I have and keep them safe, even it it means knocking a certain someone out from time to time to keep his mouth shut.

Grant me the strength as we set out tomorrow.

Entry 05 - Spider Creatures!

It was a strange day. The Mighty Ping, The Great Jadoniouse, and I suddenly found ourselves in an area we didn’t recognize or know. We are to help clear some kobolds from a mine in a village. We agreed to do it and then as we walked through the “wall” only the three of us appeared in the clearing. The Stalwart Faldor was no longer with us. We were not sure why and couldn’t get back so we continued on. We saw a village way off in the distance down a long path in a valley and a hut close by. We walked to the hut to be greeted by a kind and nice woman (Alice I will call her) and after talking with Alice we decided we would go explore the Mine.

The Mine was closer than expected and were able to clear it no problem. Like any of our adventures end with we were able to do it with no problem! There were no Kobolds in the mine! There were Drow and lots of them. If it wasn’t for The Mighty Ping and his stealth I don’t think we would have made it out alive. I was tasked with guarding the front door while The Mighty Ping and The Great Jadoniouse went in to search all stealthy. I never did understand why people like to sneak around. What is wrong with just announcing yourself and starting a good old fashion battle? Then again The Mighty Ping’s stealth has helped us in many an occasion.

I am not entirely sure what happened but suddenly Dragoniuse came rushing up to get me in a frenzy that they needed help. So I rushed down the tunnels following the little Dragon as fast as I could. When I came to a break in the tunnel there was the most hideous creature I ever saw! This creature had the bottom of a Huge Spider and the torso and head of a dark skinned Elf. Brandishing a scimitar and a bow this thing was charging at my friends firing arrows after arrows to where they were hiding. ALL THE WHILE UPSIDE DOWN ON THE CLIENG OF THE CAVE!

I did what I had to do and got the creatures attention and then forced it to attack me. With my friends no long the focus it came charging down on me. While it might have a huge scary body, it was not that intelligent as now it was unaware of my friends who crept back to join the battle and the six of us quickly made short work of it when it was on our ground to attack. Once again this creature like so many just disappeared and then there was a purse full of coins at our feet. What realm are we in.

When we got back to the cottage to let Alice know what happened we smiled and as we headed out the door, she transformed into one of those Spider Creatures! Before our eyes she was suddenly taking up the entire house and we fought for our lives. It took some time but we were victorious. I think the Mighty Ping has a magical short sword. He manages to find just the right spot to kill these creatures every-time we engage something. The Great Jadoniouse once again was transforming into different creatures we had fought. It was strange seeing a smart Ettin. I wonder if he will learn how to cast and fight while an Ettin that would be interesting. Again the body became a coin purse! This is most puzzling. But as I can’t talk I must ponder these things myself.

Entry 04 - Papers and a Stone Dwarf

We didn’t have any legal papers! Well of course not we were sucked into this city, have no clue where we are, how could we have papers! At least we were taken to a place to fill out the necessary forms. The constable Conberth Porte is a very large man who likes to dress in bright flagrant colors. This man has obviously dealt with several hundreds of people a day. I noticed this quickly when he was dealing with The Mighty Ping. Instead of trying to force the Kender to write the answers, he distracted him with a magical flying paper and sent him to another room. Later when The Might Ping had a hard time not jumping around and playing, the constable Conbertth Porte cause The Mighty Ping to be held in place and just left him until the business was conducted.

We left with a map and a destination. We were on to the Topaz Cask, an inn that was known to be friendly for those new to Sigil, we at least has a name for where we are now. As we were walking something happened to The Mighty Ping. He was frozen again. So I picked him up and let him “stand” on my shoulders as we walked to the Inn. It was hard to ignore the constant shouts from The Mighty Ping, but eventually I was able to ignore this constant surprise at all the new things he found. After an hour we had not moved near as far as we thought. This city is much bigger than we thought!

The Mighty Ping could move once more and soon he came tumbling off as he wanted to go left and we were going right. As The Mighty Ping tumbled and started to run off we gave chase and were stopped as a young child stood in our way. She was dressed in red robes and held an odd looking mace. She asked very puzzling questions and soon taught us how to move about this city. Apparently everyone in this city has the ability to call up a personal map and then teleport to any location within the city that they can see on the map. The Mighty Ping was distracted by something and kept dancing, so I had to bring him along as we teleported to the Topaz Cask.

I don’t know much what happened here. I chose to settle in my room and journal my thoughts over these last couple of days. Amazing that in two days I have traveled across at least 3 realms and am currently in a realms that I have never heard of or even know of. I am in a tire like city called Sigil that has buildings all around it. I don’t know why I am here or what I am to do. I can only guess I am to be the protector of these strange companions. I need to be the moral anchor and the shield that keeps them safe in the darkness that is sure to come.

We left the next morning, not sure where exactly. It has become lonely as I can’t talk to my companions. I could write and The Mighty Ping could understand me, however his attention span is so short that by time I wrote 1 sentence he would have already bounded off exploring something new. So I have become the silent Shield for this group. My voice of reason that the Ambassador has relied on is silent, and instead it is my Sword and my Shield that keep this group safe.

It is a good thing as well. We rounded a corner to see a lone Dwarf surrounded by an Ettin, a Phase Lizard, a Basilisk, and a Displacer Beast. I am glad my companions decided to help, as I couldn’t stand by and watch a helpless man be killed an eaten. The battle was long and hard. My sword arm grew weak near the end. It has been a long time since I have been in a battle like this.

Acid from the Phase Lizard was eating away at my shield arm, while the poison from the Basilisk was eating away at my Sword arm, I think I have a broken rib from the Ettin, and my mind was assaulted by a Basilisk trying to turn me to stone and the Displacer Beast projecting his image in false locations! Truly a battle to be sung about by the bards!

The Great Jadoniouse was a key to this battle as was The Stalwart Faldor. After The Mighty Ping and I distracted the Ettin into attacking us The Great Jadoniouse changed into a Dwarf to confuse and befuddle the Ettin. This worked and soon the Ettin lay at our feet, only to rise again as The Great Jadoniouse transformed himself into an Ettin. Realizing he didn’t have a large weapon, The Great Jadoniouse wielded The Stalwart Faldor as a living weapon. Working together these two created havoc on the battle field. The Mighty Ping once again proved to be the master of the Shadows as he was really seen, except when his dagger would find its mark upon our foes. The Basilisk turned out to be our greatest foe. This foe turned the Dwarf we were trying to help into stone quickly and almost turn myself into stone.

It was only my resolve to make sure I saved my companions that kept me from giving in and being petricificated.
The battle was won. It was hard fought and I will need a long rest after this battle. My wounds are oozing puss as there are still small traces of poison coursing through my body. A strange thing is happening as we fight our foes. There are now bodies left when we defeat our foes. They just disappear. They are gone and sometimes left behind is only a bag or a purse. Where did these bodies go? Where are the weapons? Where is the skin? There is nothing just a bag? Money? since when does a Basilisk have money? We draft this mighty foe and there is no body to skin and make leather armor out of, or glands to create antidotes for the poison, but money? Where have we come to that money is left behind. Is there a bounty on these creatures in Sigil and a magical guild is teleporting these bodies away? Something to research for sure.

After The Mighty Jadoniouse and The Stalwart Faldor looted the money that was left behind we now had 420 Lion coins. These coins were split up equally among us all. This gave us the freedom to not just depend on 1 person to have al the money. Hopefully i will be able to buy some more parchment as i am coming close to the last sheet. We also found an odd marking on the Dwarf. It looks like a guild icon. As we studied it, I remembered seeing something like it on the map. I searched and sure enough there was the same icon on the map. I could not read the text next to it however. I tried to communicate with The Mighty Ping, but he wanted to go swimming. He told everyone I was going to take him swimming. I growled at him and he told the truth. Soon The Stalwart Faldor said he found the location on his map as well. It was the Order of the Silver Orb.

After a discussion more like an argument between teenagers, it was agreed we would take the Dwarf to the Order of the Silver Orb and see if we couldn’t help him get healed. After we helped the Dwarf we would take The Mighty Ping to the “Swimming Pools.” Why do I get the sense that these are not Swimming Pools, but something else! I have this nagging feeling that The Mighty Ping is leading us down a dangerous path ruled only by his curiosity. Hopefully we can control him enough so we all don’t end up dead.


Entry 03 - A City Disappears

I still have not resolved my moral dilemma, however I know I can not abandon these brave adventures that I have started to consider my fiends. My hope is that in some way I can influence them towards the greater good.
Normally when one has to move there is stress and anxiety tied to the move, but what about when the city disappears? Yes the entire city of Neverwinter is gone, or at least that is what I saw. We came out of the cave and saw a white glow around the city and then the entire city was lifted out of the ground and started to float upwards. The entire city was floating up in the air! As if this wasn’t enough another city was floating down! The Great Jadoniouse said no Silver is there and we all rushed after him as he ran towards the city. As we came closer to the city there was an army there protecting people from the dangers. My companions just ran right through ignoring the army and needed to get to the city. I followed knowing they would need my protection.

As we got closer the city was higher and higher up we couldn’t reach the city. There were people dying as they were falling off the city as it floated up. The Great Jadoniouse and The Mighty Ping re-enacted their trick. The Great Jadoniouse was once again that vile evil Undead creature and The Might Ping once again jumped on top and rode him as they floated up. The Stalwart Faldor turned his body into a tree and shot his arms up and grabbed ahold of the sewer pipes. He reached down and pulled me up.

Then we were all sucked into a great vortex. A nothingness surrounded us as we were not pulled, not pushed, but sucked into a tunnel. As we were sucked 4 colorless dragons burst out of Pings bag and floated around each one of us. These dragons flew around us and then dive bombed us! The Mighty Ping tried to ward them off but to no avail. They then wrapped themselves around our necks and flashed blue and then were gone leaving behind only a faint tattoo on each of our necks. The Mighty Ping and the Stalwart Faldor tried to pull them off but could not. With nothing else to distract me I noticed again that we were spinning around each other as we were being sucked further and further in or up to who knows where! The Mighty Ping was enjoying himself and started to “swim” and laugh as we were moving. then SLAM we were slammed into a street.

There were people all around us running and screaming. I was separated from my companions as the herd of people pushed around us. I am not sure exactly what happened with them, but I learned these people were fleeing for their lives. They were scared of something or someone and were fleeing as if their lives depended on them getting out of the area. I couldn’t just stand around and watch this happen i had to do something to help. I picked up children that fell, or carried old women to the gates, or brought dropped precious toys to crying children. I made sure they all got out alive. As I looked around I noticed these people were being herded and chased by several Beholders! These vile creatures again were haunting us and now several thousands of people! We had to leave. As the Beholders got closer the people were screaming all the more frantic and we had to help them out! At last the last of the people were near the gates. I continued to help anyone trying to escape through the gates. I was getting ready to stand guard and protect these people, but then large sentient machines came to stand guard and a Captain stood ground. I am small compared to this giant of a man, he was yelling something at the Beholders and then lightning crackled around me and them and these Beholders when up in smoke. He turned like a seasoned soldier and walked out of the gates. I couldn’t take my eyes away from what I was seeing! This warrior just disintegrated several Beholders at once! Who was this man? I want to study under someone who holds this power, and yet acts for the greater good of the people!

As I turned to leave I think I saw a dagger fly out over my shoulder and strike a Beholder. I never got a chance to verify this as I need to run to make sure I was not closed in as the gates were slamming shut. When I left I found my companions and we meet up again watching what was happening. I realized we were out of our league and these warrior has the situation in much better control then we could. It was not that I got a handle on this city we landed in, and quickly i was disoriented! I couldn’t make sense of up or down! Instead of the sky above me there was an entire city above me with people walking and milling about! Where have we landed! What is this place?

Entry 02 - The Cave and the Eggs

There are the moments in life that define us for who we are and who we will become, one such moment happened today for The Great Jadoniouse. While some may think that moment for The Great Jadoniouse has not yet come as he has not yet found Silver Manthis, I believe his moment came today inside of the cave. After we escaped the lair of the Dragon, we ran into some cult followers of The Cult of the Dragon. After a quick battle Ping learned they had some dragon eggs in a cave to the North. Ping ran ahead at full speed leave the rest of us to play catch up to this odd Kender. In the cave we faced a Beholder Zombie. This undead creature almost caused the death of myself and The Stalwart Faldor, it was the fast movements of The Mighty Ping attacking from the shadows that brought the monster down. As the monster died The Great Jadoniouse had his defining moment. The Great Jadoniouse absorbed the powers of this foul and evil creature. The Great Jadoniouse then used the power of this creature and became the foul undead beast. As the form of the beast The Mighty Ping mounted and rode this foul beast like a horse. The two of them explored the upper caves and found 4 Dragon Eggs. We left the cave having saved the Dragon eggs, but were we successful? Does doing good in the form of evil count as good? Or is it just evil in another form?

I feel that I am different from my companions in many ways. I am part of the Honor Guard , I am the personal protector of the Ambassador of New Trition, I have been named Knight Protector, I am a follower of the Ancient Ways, I am a light in the darkness that is New Triton how can I condone that one of my companions becomes a vile evil undead monster to win a battle?



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